You can finally get the website you've always dreamed of without losing your mind or breaking your bank! We make fully custom websites to meet almost any budget.

Who We Work With


Small Business Owners

Most small businesses neglect their website entirely, or even worse... have a friend build it for them. We've made our custom websites affordable for everybody.

Coaches and Consultants

For those who coach or consult, let us build you a website that allows clients to book appointments, make payments and interact with you and your brand.

Online Course Creators

Creating online courses is taking the online income world by storm. If you want to have a fully custom student portal paying for courses you create, then we can help you achieve that.

Bloggers, Authors and Podcasters

For those who create consistent content to share with the world, we create custom templates for your content to shine. We'll customize your content pages and make it easy to add new, consistent material.

E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Whether you make products yourself, or have them made by somebody else, we can help you set up and launch a beautiful e-commerce website. Even if you only have an idea, getting started is easier than you think.

Practitioners and Experts

If you're a practitioner or expert in your field, then you probably have a lot to manage. From online bookings of you and your team in multiple offices, to outside integrations with tools you may use for clients, we got you covered so you can focus on more important things.

Website Packages

The vast majority of websites out there will fall under the scope of packages and add-ons we offer. However, we can build nearly anything you can dream of, so we'll gladly give you a no-obligation free quote.

Bronze Package

1-Page Premium Website

Perfect For: Small business owners, coaches, authors, podcasters  or those who want their prospective customers to contact them directly or take minimal action on your website.

Silver Package

3-Page Premium Website

Perfect For: Small & Medium business owners or those who want a showcase their brand and services more in-depth, i.e. an independent product/services page or a more in-depth About page.

Gold Package

5-Page Premium Website

Perfect For: Those who need. a little more room to show off their brand, services or courses. This would be perfect for authors, course creators, businesses with multiple services and more.

Premium Add-ons For Every Package

E-Commerce Add-on

If you're ready to start selling items online, whether you produce these items yourself or are having them dropshipped, we can help create or revamp your online store.

Basic Online Course Add-on

For those who are ready to roll out with your online course content, and just aren't sure how to build your course online, then this add-on is for you.

Premium Online Course Add-on

If you wan to take your online course one step further, then we'll take your videos or audio files to the next level by adding your animated branding and creating custom graphics for each lesson or module. 

Ultimate Branding Add-on

If you're just starting out and want to take your brand to the next level, then this may be the package for you. We'll even include an introductory email autoresponder for new opt-ins on your website. 

Graphic & Image Add-on

For those needing help sourcing graphics and images for their website, we can help acquire assets to use for the creation of your website. Note: this does not include custom illustrations or logo design.

Hosting & Ongoing Maintenance

Now that your website is built, you can either take over the reins yourself, or you can have us maintain, update and host your site for you. This gets rid of the need to constantly worry about your website breaking on you.

Hosting & Maintenance Packages

If you'd rather not have to deal with the nitty gritty technical side of maintaining your website, then we have ongoing packages to suit your needs.


If you don't want to deal with technology at all, or if you have no experience hosting your website, then this is a great place to start.


If you have consistent content you're relying on going out on a weekly basis, then our Premium plan provides weekly publishing on a post or email of your choice. 


Take your peace of mind further with our Professional hosting package, where we keep your website updated, tuned up and report weekly about its status. 


Our highest hosting plan, this is for those who want one less thing taken off their plate. We'll edit, produce and publish your weekly video or podcast, so all you have to do is record, upload and relax.

Benefits of Using Hapgood House

Years of experience, consisting of trials and errors, have given us the knowledge and knowhow to efficiently build beautiful online brands for a fraction of the cost other companies and freelancers charge. Here are a few of the benefits that come with each of our projects.

Transparent Pricing

Know the price before you begin, even before you submit your request for your website. Our Packages & Pricing page gives a clear breakdown of the cost of services we provide.

Quick Turnaround

Our projects can have rough draft websites delivered for approval in as little as 1 week, and final deployment done within a matter of days from giving the go ahead to deploy.

Fully Custom & Responsive Websites Across Screen Sizes

We build websites that are responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We can even hide or add assets based on screen sized if your project requires.

Peace of Mind

You won't have to learn or pay attention to the technical side of building and maintaining your web presence. We'll take the headache off your plate by offering ongoing hosting and maintenance plans.

Client Website Project Phases

Each project that we build from the ground up has five main phases. Between gathering assets to begin building, and deploying the final website, there are several stepping stones along the way to ensure a smooth launch.
Gather Phase
Design Phase
Build Phase
Testing Phase
Deploy Phase

Our 5 Phases to Building a Successful Client Website

Phase 1

Gathering Assets And Branding

The first thing we do when we begin your project is gather all the assets you have available. This includes your logo, images, mission statement, services you're offering and relevant information about your brand. If you don't have any assets, or very few, then we can source those for you.
Phase 2

Design The Website Layout

Once we gather any and all available assets, we'll begin designing a layout that best suits your goals. If you have example websites you like, then we can use those as a reference. We can build anything you have in mind, including what we feel best suits your brand if you have no idea or preference.
Phase 3

Build The Website To Spec

During the Build Phase, we take Phase 1 and Phase 2, then combine those into a website that functions as intended for your ideal customer. We'll integrate any outside and third party applications that extend the functionality of your website during this phase.
Phase 4

Adjust & Test The Final Site

After sending you the rough draft link to review, we'll then take your adjustments and make them to the website, then begin to make your website responsive across multiple devices. Once we have things in order, we'll run through your website as a user would, and iron out any wrinkles that we find.
Phase 5

Deploy Your Finished Website

This is the fun part! We'll make your website live by either transferring it to your domain, or by removing the temporary Coming Soon page. This is when you can decide to either take over the reins to your site, or opt for one of our hosting and maintenance plans. 

So... What Are You Waiting For?

If you're ready to have the website of your dreams come to life, then look no further than Hapgood House. We'll get you up and running with a brand new online presence quickly. Get in touch with us and let us know what we can do for you.

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