Tools We Use For Client Projects

Below is a list of tools we use for the majority of our projects. This isn't the entire list of tools we're capable of using, so if your project requires tools apart from what you see here, simply get in touch with us for a free consultation and describe your needs.

Domains & Hosting

If you've already purchased your website domain, then we'll be able to work with whatever domain registrar you have. If not, then these are the platforms we use to purchase and host our domains. There are plenty of domain registrars and hosting platforms available, and we use other ones on occasion, this just tends to be the most common ones we use for our projects.


Namecheap is a domain registrar and hosting platform that we use for initial purchase and setup of most domains.


GoDaddy is another domain registrar and hosting platform that we use for initial purchase and setup of some domains.


With the projects we host for our clients, we use Closte, which is a Google based hosting platform with a usage based billing model.

Web Design & Creation

Unless you already have a website up and running, and don't intend on rebuilding it, these are the tools we use for the majority of our website projects. Wordpress and Oxygen is our preferred front-end website design combination, while Kajabi and Thinkific, while course hosting platforms, have their own internal page builder.


Wordpress is the largest platform for website creation in the world. It's flexibility is superior and scaling is mainly seamless.

Oxygen Builder

Oxygen builder is our personal favorite website builder. It installs on Wordpress and is arguable one of the most flexible and powerful builders on the market. 


Kajabi and Thinkific are course hosting platforms that offer their own page builders. We can either use this internal functionality to build your site, or use Oxygen Builder on the front end.

E-Commerce & Dropshipping

E-commerce websites have become so easy to create and manage compared to the earlier years, it's remarkable more people aren't padding their portfolios with them. There are near endless options with making money online, and when it comes to e-commerce, the combinations of tools is near endless. Below are some of the tools we use when building projects for websites designed to sell items online.


Woocommerce is one of the larges e-commerce platforms on the internet today. Costs remain minimal and designing product pages is a breeze.


Shopify is arguably the most famous online e-commerce platform for small businesses. This is a direct alternative to Woocommerce and depends solely on client preference.


Etsy is a great platform for selling items that you make at home. If you want to sell your items from home, then Etsy may be the best option for you. 


Dropshipping has opened a floodgate for entrepreneurs to sell goods without having to inventory a single item. Depending on what your goals are, dropshipping may be right up your alley. 


Having an apparel and accessory brand has never been easier as it is now. You can bring your designs to life on a variety of products, at an affordable price and with no order minimums. 

Course Creation

Knowledge commerce is a wild frontier still, and people are consuming online content at a rate that shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. We specialize in compiling online courses and building websites and landing pages that showcase them. The following three applications are all course creation options for ventures of any size. Again, these aren't the only options available, just our preferred platforms.


Kajabi is a versatile tool that offers customizable course experiences, along with an extensive set of additional tools for your business.


Thinkific is a streamlined course platform that offers less customization than Kajabi, but is great for those on a budget with minimal needs.


Wordpress has a variety of combinations for hosting course content, and it could prove to be the best option, depending on your goals.

Email & Automation Management

Having your own email address with your domain makes your brand 100% percent more professional than if you simply had a @gmail or @yahoo email address. In addition, automating some of your tasks can be almost like hiring an assistant. We have preferred email and automation tools that give entrepreneurs peace of mind and increase their brand efficiency.

Google G-Suite

Google G-Suite is user friendly and secure option for those wanting to get started with their own custom email address.


Zapier is an extremely useful tool for automating tasks revolving around your brand. Zapier can integrate thousands of different applications.

Web Host

If you have your own hosting, or choose to find your own hosting, then you may have an email option available to you. We can go over your hosting plan when we discuss your project.

Online Booking/Appointments

Below is a list of tools we use for the majority of our projects. This isn't the entire list of tools we're capable of using, so if your project requires tools apart from what you see here, simply get in touch with us for a free consultation and describe your needs.


Acuity Scheduling is a versatile appointment booking platform that is great for everybody from single consultants to organizations requiring multiple appointment options.


Calendly is a direct alternative to Acuity Scheduling and proves to be just as versatile. Depending on your direct needs, you may opt for one over the other.


This is our favorite option for those looking to keep costs to an ultimate minimum. While 10to8 has paid options, the free plan is a great value overall for people starting out.

Marketing Tools

Hapgood House is not a marketing company, and we do not manage or create campaigns. We simply work on the technical side of getting campaigns set up and sent out accordingly. There are also a vast number of marketing tools out there, and these are three of our favorites to work with when setting up new websites.


Mailchimp is great for people starting out and simply want an email marketing tool that is easy to navigate and offers great design flexibility.


Aweber is comparable to Mailchimp, but offers a bit more customer management functionality, although both are great. 

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a great tool for businesses that want to scale and manage their campaign and customer journey with a bit more functionality.

Digital Assets

Finding digital assets, such as images, graphics and stock video to suit your brand may prove easier than you think. The very first option you should use is images that you either take or design yourself. We understand this can prove to be a much more difficult endeavor when it comes to filling every section of your website. For that reason, here are a few of the resources we frequently use to source assets for clients. Again, this is not every platform available for this 


Envato is a paid resource that has multiple categories of assets that you can subscribe to and/or purchase on an individual basis. 


Unsplash is a great, free resource for anyone who needs generic imagery for their website or project. While you can search their site, it's not as extensive as a paid option.


Pixabay is similar to Unsplash, in the sense that it offers free imagery, however it goes one step further and also offers graphics and video in addition to images.

Audio & Video Production

While we don't necessarily showcase ourselves as producing audio and video projects, we're actually fully able to take on much more than just web related projects. If you are hosting with us as a Powerhouse, then you likely need somebody to produce your video or podcast. We can easily do that, and we use the following tools to make that happen.

Adobe Premier

Adobe Premier is an extremely powerful video production application perfectly suited for projects of any size. 

Adobe After Effects

After Effects is ideal for people who want to utilize 3D and/or transition effects for their video projects.

Adobe Audition

This is our favorite software for producing podcasts. This is by no means the only option, just our personal favorite.


Screenflow is a great application used to record simultaneous from multiple inputs, such as your phone screen, computer screen, webcam and external microphone.


Camtasia is an alternative to Screenflow and is available on both Mac and Windows operating systems, compared to Screenflow available on Mac OS only.

Garage Band

Garage band is a great resource for recording podcasts without stretching your budget. It's easy to learn and the sound quality is worthy of publishing in most cases.

Podcast Publishing

If you're a podcaster who wants to take the technical side of production off your plate, then we can help you produce, publish and maintain your podcast on the platform of your choice. Below are a list of a few that we use, which in turn makes your podcast available on every major platform, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and iHeart. 


Podbean is a great, budget friendly option for those who are new to the podcast game and are looking for an easy to use platform.


Libsyn is one of the most popular podcast hosting platforms, and has plans that rival Podbean. Each option has its own pros and cons.


Soundcloud is a massive media hosting platform that also caters to musicians in addition to podcasters.

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